Regulatory and Claims Management in the Face of Disruption

Veeva Systems in sponsoring this session at no cost to attendees so that everyone has access to the most up to date best practices.

Disruptive events force us to rethink established practices.  This was highlighted in dramatic fashion recently by the emergence of COVID-19, when a spotlight was shone on regulatory and claims management and their need to move quickly.  Other disruptive forces may not be as acute, but nonetheless have the potential to drive significant change.  Take for example the rise of smaller competitors enabled by social media and ecommerce, and increasing demands for sustainability.  During this webinar, Veeva’s regulatory expert Jodi Foucher and product claims expert John Cooper will examine key disruptive forces and make recommendations around regulatory and claims management best practices that will help your company be better prepared for the next disruption.


Jodi Foucher, Director, Strategy, Regulatory, Veeva Systems
John Cooper, Director, Strategy, Veeva Claims, Veeva Systems

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