Billy Smith

Division Director of the Registration Division, EPA

Charles “Billy” Smith has been with the Office of Pesticide Programs at the Environmental Protection Agency since 2004. He is currently the Division Director of the Registration Division (RD) where he leads a division of about 110 staff. RD is responsible for conventional chemical product registrations, amendments, registrations, tolerances, experimental use permits, and emergency exemptions for conventional chemical pesticides. Prior to joining RD, he served as the Division Director for the Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division (BPPD) for 2.5 years overseeing the registration and registration review actions for all biopesticides including microbials, biochemicals, and emerging technologies. Before joining BPPD, he served 4 years as the Deputy Director of the Pesticide Re-evaluation Division (PRD) leading the coordination with the OPP science divisions to ensure PRD made scientifically sound risk management decisions for conventional pesticide Registration Review. Billy spent the first years of his career in the Health Effects Division serving as the acting Deputy Director, as a Branch Chief, and as an exposure/risk assessor. He has extensive experience in the interpretation of exposure data, conduct of risk assessment, and the development of exposure and risk assessment policy, and has served several years on EPA’s Risk Assessment Forum. He also has significant experience related to cumulative risk assessment, risk management decisions, leading organizations, process improvements, and working with multidisciplinary technical teams. Billy is a graduate of the Partnership for Public Participation’s Excellence in Government fellowship program and the Executive Master Class program. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth and Environmental Science from Wilkes University.

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Friday May 10, 2024

Pest Management Products Division Committee Meeting

This session will provide an update on the work being done by HCPA's Pest Management Products Division, as well as an update from the EPA's Registration Division.


  • Dr. Jennifer Saunders, Acting Associate Division Director, Office of Pesticide Programs, EPA
  • Billy Smith, Registration Division Director, Office of Pesticide Programs, EPA