Clive Davies

Lead, Safer Choice Program, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics

Clive Davies leads the Safer Choice Program in the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics.  He is committed to advancing EPA’s chemical safety mission, and is proud to work with a talented, innovative, and dedicated staff of environmental professionals.

Clive built Safer Choice, the Agency’s program to distinguish and label safer products, such as cleaners and detergents.  Safer Choice-labeled products – more than 2,000 branded cleaners, detergents, and other classes of products – can be found in retailers and distributers across the country.  The program also developed and maintains the Safer Chemical Ingredients List (SCIL), which includes hundreds of high-functioning chemical ingredients that meet rigorous health and environment criteria.   These ingredients can be used to manufacture Safer Choice-labeled products, and are being used to process or manufacture safer products around the world.

Clive also began the DfE Alternatives Assessment Program to inform industry decision-making in selecting alternatives to hundreds of millions of pounds of high-priority chemicals.  He convened multi-stakeholder partnerships that guided the transition for chemicals that included high-volume flame retardants, and BPA in thermal paper.

Clive has worked in EPA’s Office of Water and in the Office of Air and Radiation. Clive led the first Survey of Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs, which Congress used to allocate up to $1 billion per year in infrastructure funding.

8:30 - 10:00 am

Thursday May 9, 2024

Sustainability & Product Stewardship Council Meeting (Task Force)

This session will feature updates from the EPA’s Safer Choice program and Green Seal, two leading certifications that help consumers and commercial buyers find products, such as cleaners, floor care products, and disinfectants, that meet performance requirements and stringent human health and environmental criteria.  The session will also discuss pet safety considerations for everyday products, ways to manage pet exposures, and how companies can demonstrate that their products are safe for pets.


  • Ahna Brutlag, Senior Director, Veterinary Services & Senior Veterinary Toxicologist, SafetyCall International & Pet Poison Helpline
  • Clive Davies, Chief, Safer Choice Program Branch, Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics, EPA
  • Doug Gatlin, CEO, Green Seal