Eleanor Lane

Staff Entomologist, National Pest Management Association

Eleanor Lane is a staff entomologist and educational specialist at the National Pest Management Association. She earned a master of science in life sciences with a concentration in entomology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). Her research there explored the biology, behavior, and control of the red headed flea beetle as a key pest of ornamentals in commercial nurseries in eastern Virginia. Prior to that she earned her bachelors of science in biological sciences with a minor in entomology from Virginia Tech as well. There she assisted in research on biological control of invasive insect pests of forests as well as teaching and research regarding freshwater biomonitoring of macroinvertebrates. In her current role at the National Pest Management Association, she is part of the technical team and creates online training content, manages NPMA forms, and assists with conferences.

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Thursday May 9, 2024

Pest Management Products Division Program

Invasive Pests
Global trade has the potential to bring invasive species to new areas and inadvertently cause potentially catastrophic effects to the environment and those who live there. This session will begin with a discussion about some of the major invasive arthropods that have affected the U.S. and where they are headed next, as well as an overview of the regulations in place to prevent the expansion of such pests. From there, Lidia Gonzales will detail the first tick surveillance program in South Carolina as part of a CDC funded grant to establish a collaborative center of key states affected by vector-borne diseases in the southeast. The tick specimens collected and analyzed to date have helped demonstrate the pathogen presence and the species that reside in the state, which can help us understand the public health risk.


  • Lidia Gual Gonzales, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of South Carolina
  • Eleanor Lane, Staff Entomologist and Educational Specialist, National Pest Management Association